May 302013

Blu ray screencaps from Frankenstein.  

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Frankenstein originally came out the very same year as Dracula, both were massive hits, the film starts with an onscreen warning, no doubt back in 1931 this was considered very strong viewing material but this was also a great marketing gimmick that reviews of the time would have used to entice more viewers to come and watch the film, the movie actually made over $12m dollars at the box office, it also went on to spawn many sequels and inspire television shows such as The Munsters.  Mel Brooks did a wonderful parody of the Frankenstein movies which was hilarious, go check out Young Frankenstein which is available on blu ray and be careful you don't laugh yourself to death. You can buy Young Frankenstein from Amazon by clicking the highlighted text – Young Frankenstein [Blu-ray]

The film ran into censorship issues on it's original release in many countries, cuts were made in the UK and in some states in North America, there was certainly censorship issues in the USA after the Hays production code began in 1934, the film ran into many problems with it's re-issue and Universal snipped footage from the original negative, luckily for us the cut scenes would be restored during the eighties and nineties and Frankenstein could once again be viewed as intended.

The transfer to blu ray is good, this is an upgrade for those of you who have only seen the film on television, VHS, Laserdisc or on DVD, i saw plenty of fine detail and black levels were nice and inky, compression is also handled well, the sound quality has been cleaned up a little although it's not as good as the aforementioned Dracula, i would imagine the audio elements they had to work with were not in great shape and they have done their best, it's a 2 channel DTS HD Master Audio mono mix, dialogue sounded clear to me and any issues you may hear with tinny sound, distortion or hiss are related to how the sound was captured back in 1931, so far i am happy with the Universal Monsters Boxset and the first two films out of that set.  You can view some blu ray screencaps from Frankenstein below.  

Looking for dead bodies at the graveyardNever take an abnormal brain for your experiments in reviving the deadFrankenstein and Elizabeth are seen togetherElizabeth ponders life with HenryBlu ray screencaps - A classic scene in the labatoryA scene from the classic horror movie FrankensteinA meeting takes place around the tableHenry Frankenstein is hard at work creating life from lifelessnessFrankensteins creation awakensAn angry mob searches for Frankensteins MonsterA scene from the horror film FrankensteinBlu ray screencaps from Frankenstein - A classic horror sceneBlu ray screencaps from Frankenstein - The villagers look for action to be taken in a classic movie sceneBlu ray screencaps from Frankenstein - A little girl is about to meet Frankensteins creationBlu ray screencaps from Frankenstein - A scene from the 1931 atmospheric production of FrankensteinFrankensteins creation looks scaryA dark and brooding scene from the horror movie classicThe villagers descend on the windmill in FrankensteinFrankensteins monster creation is all aloneMaids gather around the doctor for news of their employer