Jun 112011

Blu ray screencaps of the German edition of Face/Off.

If you are coming to this page directly from a browser link you can read the blu ray film review of Face/Off here.

You will find my feelings on the film and my impressions of the quality of the BD release in the above link, i also include some film trivia in that review and on this page you can read some BD info regarding average bitrates and i note the differences between the German and USA editions of the film. You can view the high definition movie screencaps from Face/Off below, click twice on the image to close it.

BD bitrate per chapter infoBD disc summary

Nicolas Cage stars in Face/OffJohn Travolta stars in Face/OffNicolas Cage and John Travolta confront one another in Face/OffNicolas Cage loves his sunglasses  - BD screencaps of Face/OffJohn Travolta points his gun at baddie Nicolas Cage in Face/OffNicolas Cage talks to wife Joan Allen in Face/OffPrison can be hell - Blu Ray Screencaps of Face/OffNicolas Cage is a little crazy in Face/OffJohn Travolta loves office parties in Face/OffThis bad guy uses Propecia, it isn't working though - BD screencaps of Face/OffNicolas Cage wakes from a coma in Face/OffA scene from Face/Off - German blu ray editionA night time scene from the German blu ray edition of Face/OffChurch scene from the German BD edition of Face/OffNicolas Cage isn't happy about his Face/Off and confronts his docFantastic action scene from Face/OffNicolas Cage and John Travolta in an action scene from John Woo's Face/OffJoan Allen is caught in the middle of an explosive confrontation in Face/OffA closeup of Gina Gershon's eyes in Face/OffA touching scene from Face/OffNicolas Cage holds John Travolta hostage, who is the bad guy in Face/Off!