Mar 182010

Blu Ray Screencaps of Defiance.

This film is based on the true story of Jewish brothers in German occupied Europe who escape into the forest and build a community of Jewish refugee's. Director Edward Zwick says there are a lot of films which portray the Jewish people during World War 2 as victims and that his film portrays them as heroic and fighting back against their oppressors, i agree with him.

The film itself is a well written drama and i am glad i watched it. I felt Zwick directed the film with assurance and never strayed too far into sentimental territory which could have derailed the films basic story. I felt by choosing not to be too sentimental Zwick succeeded in making the characters more heroic and probaby more realistic and truthful to the events of the time. 

Some Polish historians were unhappy about the films portrayal of events but Zwick points out they were flawed heroes fighting in very difficult times, indeed to fight evil do you have to become evil yourself or can you keep your humanity is a theme within the film.

The transfer for this disc is superb. Good cinematography by Eduardo Serra. The sound mix was ok but it could have been more dynamic during the fighting scenes but i'm just too fussy sometimes. Overall i thought it was a good film and it's worth checking out. This disc has regional coding in force and is set to region B.

View blu ray screencaps of Defiance below. Click twice for the full HD image.

Daniel Craig offers comfort in Defiance Lief Schrieber and Daniel Craig in Defiance The resistance watch as a car approaches in Defiance Daniel Craig and Lief Schrieber find their friend in Defiance Lief Schrieber is full of Defiance Daniel Craig looks serious in Defiance Forest scene from Defiance Training the resistance in Defiance Daniel Craig and Liev Schrieber are part of the resistance in Defiance Horseback scene from Defiance Tense moment in the snow from Defiance The resistance in Defiance Liev Schrieber in a night scene from Defiance Light shines through the forest in Defiance A tank get ready to fire in Defiance Snow forest scene from Defiance Women played their part in the resistance - Defiance Close up of Daniel Craigs face in Defiance Resistance soldiers in Defiance Daniel Craig pulls out his gun in Defiance The resistance gather for a picture in Defiance