Feb 232010

Blu Ray Screencaps of Basic Instinct.

This is one of the worst Blu Ray releases i have had the misfortune to buy and Lionsgate should sack whoever gave the go ahead for this release.

Basic Instinct is a good movie which deserves a much better transfer, they should have struck a new master from a pristine quality print but instead they have obviously used an old master and then applied massive amounts of processing to the image. The film's natural grain structure has been treated to a dose of DNR and i believe scratch removal tools have also been used on this transfer.

You will often see smearing motion trails and edge enhancement is visible in a number of scenes. I thought faces were approaching waxy levels at times and there was just an overall lack of real high definition detail in a film which could look stunning on blu ray. This blu ray release does improve on the DVD editions of the film and if all you are interested in is a little more detail over the DVD then you might be happy with this release.

I want more than just an upgrade over DVD and when i buy or rent a blu ray i fully expect film like quality and this release fails in that regard and everything is just too smooth and processed looking. I am very disappointed with this release and hope one day it finally gets a new master and a new release on blu ray. I understand Europe has their own transfer of this movie and i hope to check that one out sometime this year but i suspect it will not be much different to this one.

The frames below do not do justice to how bad this film looks when in motion.

View blu ray screencaps of Basic Instinct below. Click twice for the full HD image.

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