Apr 212011

Blu ray screencaps of 24 Season 8 with BD impressions.

A much delayed post, this was accidentally posted a while back with just one image, for some reason unknown after i did a wordpress update it ended up inbetween the post for Death Race and a blu ray release post, strange, very strange, and i'm not sure why that happened but i found it after Google webmasters said i had a short meta description, well here is the proper post which has been fully updated with all the images, hopefully i won't have another Homer Simpson moment. I also have a much delayed blu ray screencaps of the final 3 episodes of Smallville season 9 to post.

This is the UK/European version of 24, the USA edition is by all accounts identical to this one. I was disappointed by this final season of 24, i felt the script was weaker than season 7 and i was not happy about how they made the Renee Walker character into a victim, strong female characters have been in 24 throughout it's eight season run but not this year, they also turned President Taylor into a morally bankrupt lowlife, i just did not believe in her character, from what we established the previous year she was willing to let her daughter go to jail rather than betray her morals, the writers seem to be making this up as they go along. Dana Walsh was just a clone of earlier, better characters from when the series was at it's peak, don't even get me started on Cole Ortiz as played by Freddie Prinze Jr, the writers could have easily fixed all of this before they started shooting but they just took so many wrong directions this series and i feel they failed on so many levels. Maybe the writers were burnt out.

I had planned to post an entire series of screencaps of 24 but i have been so disappointed with the quality of the writing that i will only post this final selection below, i think Fox has compromised the overall quality by putting 6 episodes on each disc and as already noted when i posted episodes 1-3, there is a major issue with plot spoilers on the menu system, but only if you choose to watch episodes individually. I think the image quality will be fine for most people but it was better on previous seasons, i'm fussy and feel Fox could and should do better.

They have a script for the film version, i hope Keifer Sutherland has read the script carefully and that they get back to the high of season 5, if they can do that then the film might be a hit and they may get the sequel greenlit, i do fear the worst though. I hope they get back to the gritty nature of the early seasons, 24 would make a great R rated action flick but they will probably go for a PG-13.

View some blu ray screencaps of 24 below. Click twice for the full 1080p cap.

President Hassan's wife and daughter look on in 24 - blu ray screencaps

A tense moment from the final season of 24Middle east peace deals are part of the plot for the final season of 24radiation poisoning in 24

Jack Bauer and Renee Walker in 24CTU always has a mole - so much for tight security in 24Renee Walker uses her charms in the final season of 24

Jack Bauer goes undercover in the final season of 24A scene from the final season of 24Katee Sackhoff is not all she seems in the final season of 24Intrigue and suspense in 24Renee Walker is deep undercover in 24Jack Bauer talks the talk and walks the walk in 24Katee Sackhoff won't find any Cylons in 24

Renee Walker comes out of the shower in 24An image from the final season of 24Tense meetings abound in the final season of 24Jack Bauer looks geeky in 24