Blu Ray Major Issues List


Films on the blu ray major issues list have very serious problems with their transfer to blu ray.

Movies on this list will not be film like and may look very processed and less detailed.

The titles on this list will have had either excessive digital noise reduction applied, or excessive edge enhancement applied, or both applied to them, they may also contain other issues as a result, such as waxy looking faces or frozen grain structure.

Major Issues With Transfer To Blu Ray

Films below are poor compared to how they could look and recommendation is to rent only

Basic Instinct
*Excessive DNR robs the movie of the film look
*Smearing in motion affects a number of scenes
*Edge enhancement visible in some scenes
*Very processed looking and faces look smooth and waxy in some scenes
*Transfer Quality 1/5
*Sound Mix 3.5/5
*North American Lionsgate disc
*Click here for screencaps from the film

Gulliver’s Travels – Koch Media Version
*Cropped from original 1.37:1 aspect ratio
*Very excessive DNR
*Dot Crawl and quality looks no better than VHS

Predator – Ultimate Hunter Edition
*Excessive DNR
*Edge enhancement to compensate for detail loss when using DNR
*Contrast boosting means loss of detail in some scenes
*The original release is better, this is one to avoid
*Click for Predator DNR edition screencaps

The Gauntlet
*Excessive DNR
*Minor edge enhancement in some scenes
*Some compression issues
*Processed video look to the image
*Transfer Quality 2/5
*Sound Mix 2/5
*Click here to view screencaps

The Longest Day
*Excessive DNR makes everthing look super smooth and destroys HD detail

True Romance (USA/UK Editions)
*Poor release with a green muted look to the image and DNR makes things look blurrier than they should, the contrast/brightness is also too low
*Click here for a blu ray comparison between the USA/UK and French editions of the film

Scary Movie
*Excessive DNR and edge enhancement
*It’s scary that this was deemed good enough for Blu Ray

Star Trek III – The Search For Spock
*Grain structure mostly obliterated resulting in waxy faces
*Contrast boosted image results in poor shadow detail
*Any grain left is of the frozen grain type
*Occasional ringing in some scenes

Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home
*Waxy looking undetailed transfer
*Very processed looking image

Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country
*Probably taken from an old 1080i master as aliasing ( jaggies ) visible on many scenes

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
*Too much DNR causes a loss of fine detail
*Edge enhancement results in halo’s throughout the film
*Great sound mix
*Transfer Quality 2/5
*Sound Mix 4.3/5
*Read my blu ray review here.

Zulu – UK Edition
*DNR, scratch removal and some edge enhancement
*Looks far too processed and not at all film like
*Transfer Quality 1.5/5
*Sound Mix 3.5/5
*Click here for screencaps from the film

Please note that films on the minor/medium/major issues list may have some problematic moments happening onscreen that many people may not notice and whether you notice these issues might be dependent on your screen size or sitting distance or your tolerance to the faults at hand – If you don’t see any issues then be happy.

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