Jan 272010

Avatar artwork taken from James Camerons 3D movie of the same name.Avatar is now officially the most profitable movie ever made.  James Cameron now has the two biggest box office hits of all time with Avatar and Titanic holding the top two spots.

The success of Avatar has seen announcements of major films to be released in the 3D format.

Among the films announced for release in 3D is the new James Bond 007 film which is due to start filming this year.  This will be the first time ever that a Bond movie has been shot in 3D.

Movies out in cinema's in 3D include Toy Story 1 and 2 with Toy Story 3 to follow this summer.  George Lucas has already announced his plans to re-release all six Star Wars films in 3D.

Warner Bros are also in the early planning stages of making another Gremlins movie but this time it will be Gremlins 3D. 

Disney will also be pushing Tron 3D.

Shrek Forever After is also being released in 3D.

You can also expect a sequel to Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D.

It's also very likely another Avatar movie will be made with talk of a trilogy although James Cameron is going to be a very busy man making Battle Angel while also trying to give the ok for new Blu Ray transfers of The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, True Lies, Titanic and coming in 2011 the twentieth anniversary collectors edition of Terminator 2. 

The last Blu Ray release of Terminator 2 was extremely disappointing and was just a remastered edition of the old transfer.  Hopefully a new print is being used to strike a state of the art transfer using the very latest film scanners.

The new 3D home format will be heavily advertised and promoted this year.  This new format uses active shutter glasses and requires a brand new display to watch the movies on.  Early adopters will buy into this but it's likely to be several years before many homes do.  Whatever happens though it is certain 3D is maturing and it's here to stay this time. 

We will see 3D television channels, 3D games, 3D sport and 3D movie content and it will grow. 

Sony has also developed a 3D television that does not require glasses and that could be the future of 3D entertainment.

The latest news is Battle Angel will be put on hold while Cameron directs the sequels to Avatar.