Jan 272011

Anne Hathaway - Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in The Dark Knight RisesIn 2005 director Christopher Nolan brought us Batman Begins and breathed new life into the character of Batman, the sequel was called The Dark Knight and it made over a billion dollars worldwide at the box office and without question guaranteed a third film.

Late last year Nolan said he would be shooting as much of the third film in 70mm IMAX as possible, he has since said that scenes not shot in IMAX would be shot 70mm. Skip back in time to 1992 and in Batman Returns, Michelle Pfieffer played Catwoman with delicious relish, wearing a skintight catsuit that showed all her curves, the final scenes of the film promised more Catwoman in future installments but unfortunately Tim Burton declined to make the third film and things went downhill rather fast after that with the fourth film in particular putting the final nail in the coffin of the original Batman movie franchise, now Christopher Nolan is bringing us The Dark Knight Rises and Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is coming back to our screens.

Anne Hathaway has won the part of Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan had previously stated that the character of Catwoman would not work in the realistic modern day settings of his Batman universe but it seems he has had a change of mind and has found a way to make it all work. Catwoman is not actually mentioned as being in the new film but it's hard to imagine them casting Miss Hathaway as Selina Kyle and not bringing Catwoman to the screen at some point during the movie.

The main villian in The Dark Knight Rises will be Bane, in the comic books Bane broke Batman's back and is an intelligent, muscleman character, in the film he will be played by Tom Hardy, now Tom is not really built like Arnold Schwarzenneger so it will be interesting to see his take on Bane, i imagine he is in the gym right now working on his muscles and fitness.

Let's all try and forget that Halle Berry made a film called Catwoman in 2004, that film did not feature the character of Selina Kyle and was not connected with Batman, it was pretty poor especially for those of us who fondly remember Michelle Pfieffers Catwoman in Batman Returns, Pfieffer was supposed to return as the character in a stand alone film which never materialised, that was a real shame and Anne is going to have to do something special to be as memorable as Michelle was but if anyone can pull it off then she can, view an image gallery of Anne Hathaway by clicking here.

The Dark Knight Rises is due to hit cinema screens in July 2012.