Nov 092014
The Definitive 3D Blu Ray List!

There have been countless arguments about what makes great 3D, for me it has to have both depth and popout, the list i am compiling will give viewers a guide to the very best 3D titles you can buy on the blu ray format, i will also mention some of the worst and split the list into animation and live action.

Jun 092014
Blu Ray Screencaps - Phantom Of The Opera

Phantom Of The Opera hails from 1943 and used the three strip Technicolor process, there have been numerous version’s of the story made for film and television including a silent version from 1925 which starred Lon Chaney.

Oct 312013
Movie News-Three Days To Kill In Theaters Soon

Kevin Costner plays Ethan Runner, an agent who works for the American secret service as a hit man, he is dying of a terminal illness and decides it’s time to reconnect with his daughter, the good news is they have an experimental drug which could save his life, the bad news is they will only give it to him if he completes one last assignment, this involves taking down a top terrorist, so with daughter in tow he sets out to complete his mission.

Oct 302013
Disney Animation And DNR

Disney Animation And DNR. Disney wants to make all their classic animated film titles look super smooth, the issue i have with all this is that to achieve this aim they need to remove the film grain, when you remove this you remove fine detail and end up bluring the image, the degrain tool when overused defocuses everything, what was once sharp and detailed becomes soft and blurry.

I stopped buying Disney animated films after the release of Bambi.

Sep 272013
Blu Ray Screencaps - The Wolf Man

The Wolf Man was made in 1941, the plot revolves around Larry Talbot’s return to his ancestral home in Wales, his brother has just died and his relationship with his father, Sir John Talbot, is strained, he gets involved with a local woman, Gwen, who runs an antique shop, she sells him a silver headed walking stick decorated with a wolf, the walking stick has great significance in The Wolf Man. I think there is great atmosphere in this film.

Jul 312013
HD Comparison Images From Charade

HD Comparison images from Charade. The Criterion collection blu ray release of Charade and the Universal blu ray release of Charade were both created from a 35mm interpositive, they are identical in image quality, check the screencaps in the comparison out you will note a few specks here and there at exactly the same points on both discs.

Jul 242013
Blu Ray Screencaps - The Bride Of Frankenstein

Blu ray screencaps – The Bride Of Frankenstein. After the success of the original Frankenstein the sequel was quickly put on a fast track by the studio but it ended up being delayed due to difficulties adapting the script, the director, James Whale, was unhappy with many of the script treatments, indeed many screenwriters had a stab at writing the film, this isn’t unusual, a lot of film scripts get developed this way.

Jul 032013
Razer Ouroboros Wireless Mouse

Razer Ouroboros Wireless Mouse. The meaning of Ouroboros is literally something always re-creating itself, Razer of course constantly do this and are innovative in mouse design, the mouse features an 8200dpi 4G dual sensor system and it’ll fit all hand sizes no matter your grip and has 11 programmable buttons, i think it looks super cool and it’s one hell of a gadget if you are into gaming on your PC.

Jun 272013
Blu Ray Screencaps - The Invisible Man

Blu ray screencaps from The Invisible Man. Claude Rains stars as Dr Jack Griffin, The Invisible Man, and even though we never get to see him until the end of the film, his voice is distinct and recognizable and he seems to be having fun with his part. Gloria Stuart might sound familiar to some people, she played old Rose in Titanic and plays Flora Cranley here, eagle eyed viewers might spot a young John Carradine playing a Cockney informer.

Jun 162013
Empires Of The Deep - Coming 2014 ?

Empires Of The Deep is a fantasy film financed by a Chinese billionaire, it’s centred around a love story between a man and a Mermaid and the war that rages around them, featuring former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko as the Mermaid. I have seen the trailer and still’s from the film, it looks interesting to me, the effects work is poor but if they could fix it then it could at the very least make for a visually interesting movie.

Jun 142013
Out On Blu Ray - Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes

Out On Blu Ray – Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes. The cinematography is superb, the music score engaging and the storyline engrossing. I was moved by some of the early scenes in Africa among the apes, some of these moments are very touching and tender, it’s a fine film which did respectable box office back in 1984.

Jun 132013
Playstation 4 - Games Console Arrives Soon

Playstation 4 – Games Console Arrives Soon. If i had to choose one console then i would pick the PS4 because i believe Sony will be adding 4K blu ray support to their console at some point, it will be capable of 4K streaming but i also believe 4K blu ray is coming next year and i think the PS4 will be capable of playing those discs after a firmware upgrade.

Jun 072013
Blu Ray Screencaps - The Mummy (1932 Version)

Blu ray screencaps from The Mummy ( 1932 version ) I think the female lead, Zita Johann, is strong in this film, she plays the roles of Helen Grosvenor and Princess Ankh-es-en-Amon. Boris Karloff plays the ancient Egyptian priest Imhotep in the original 1932 version of The Mummy, an archaeological dig accidentally revives him, the film was inspired by the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922.

Jun 032013
First Time On Blu Ray - Lifeforce

First time on blu ray – Lifeforce. Lifeforce is based on Colin Wilson’s novel, The Space Vampires, the plot has the space shuttle Churchill finding a very large spaceship hidden within the corona of Halley’s comet The most striking of the cast list is French actress Mathilda May, she is naked for the entire movie, it’s hard to imagine a Hollywood actress being so brave and taking on a role like this.